OK, I have now reached the point in life where I try to work out AFTER work. First time yesterday and no, I do not like it at all, but I will give it a few weeks and see if it’s feasible in the long run or if I shall try early mornings again (which I know works for me).

So why not do mornings if I know it work out well? There is a list of reasons:

  1. Since I for some reason after sweat for on hour before I’m normal again I won’t be able to leave home before 9h00 after a morning work out.
  2. I won’t be able to add more time to the workout, it is 60 minutes no more so in the long run I will reach status que in weight loss.
  3. Leaving home at 9h00 means to bike in rush hour, not something I like to do.
  4. Bike after 60 minutes on a treadmill, my legs won’t be able to take me up for the hill between Guy Moquet and La Forche (at least not for the first month, before I actually get some muscles on my chicken legs).

So, what is the perfect solution? I hope the gym will open earlier or go 24/7 opening times (like gyms should be) – just think to get back home from a night out and be able to go to the gym and workout and seat out some alcohol from the system before going to bed cuddling with a hamburger from McDonals. But gyms in France don’t seem to be open 24/7, at least not the brand I workout at.

And I need to learn to drink still water, not always 100% freezing cold. Why can’t I drink still water without getting vomiting reflexes?

Yes, the above is a mix of bragging and whining, I am aware of that.


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