The Christmas hysteria is ongoing and will raise like it was a new variant of the Covid infection. New record again since summer:

2021 11 25

And most of the Christmas is actually manageable, Not like I need to run around buying stuff to give away on the 24th. But the work things… Seriously, we are colleagues not best friends or family. I see these people 5 days a week, 8 hours, all year around. Why would I have any serious urge to add more time. I see you more than friends and family!!!!

But I have been able to avoid most of the dinners, parties and cocktails at work since 1982, and where I work now I only joined the year when it was a cocktail, no dinner, and walking distance back home.

So this year they try too lock us in on a boat! You can’t even leave when you want, or leave for a while when people go crazy over some dish I most likely never will eat.

So I repeat, all activities any employer want me to take a part of needs to take place under normal office hours OR be paid as overtime. If not? Sorry my free time is mine.

TGIF – peeps


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